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Barber Black Sheep

Chop Suey Hui!
Barber Black Sheep : The Politics of Hair.
Wednesday 24 May 2017 - 17 Tory Street, Wellington

It's free! Hair hair!

The irrepressible Chop Suey Hui and Kava Club crew are back with a vengeance with Barber Black Sheep: The Politics of Hair, Wednesday 24 May 2017.  

Observing the trend of barbershops opening over the last five years around the Capital, our MCs Ati and Liz will converse through a day in the life with new entrepreneurs about how, why, and where to next.

"See, in my day, a barber was more than just somebody who sit around in a FUBU shirt with his drawers hanging all out. In my day, a barber was a counselor. He was a fashion expert. A style coach. Pimp. Just general all-around hustler. But the problem with y'all cats today, is that you got no skill. No sense of history. And then, with a straight face, got the nerve to want to be somebody. Want somebody to respect you. But it takes respect to get respect.” - (“Eddie”, Barbershop, 2002)

Talkshow aficionado Kava Clubber Kassie, with special guests Afronesian mama Savali; Liz 'Lashes' Ah-hi and Rachel 'P Diddy Combs' Pahulu from Te Papa share influences between African American and Polynesian hair culture; daily resistance to Eurocentric standards of beauty to pre-missionary times and how some of our ancestors got their hairdid and why.

"Just as the sea is an open and ever flowing reality, so should our oceanic identity transcend all insularity, to become one that is openly searching, inventive, and welcoming." - Epeli Hauofa

Barbershop Creatives department:

Atmospheric soundscape, Number one deck supervisors: Gem Wilder and Jamie Berry, playing fine tunes

Salon Banquet supervisors: Kowhai, Savali and the Colonel

Stylists supervisors:  Liz, Mish, Kassie, Tony, Ati, Ash, Bridget and Leilani will welcome the amazing Welly creatives from around the way. 

Cut Above Graphic design supervisor:  Herbee

We dedicate this Chop Suey Hui to Louis Bartley, Salote Muagututi'a, Teresia Teaiwa 

With ongoing support from CreativeNZ (Pacific Arts) and Tautai Pacific Arts.

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